To Voyage: An act of travelling; a long journey or expedition; a course of passage to a distant place; travels as the subject of a written account.

Virgo: The sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac, Virgo is depicted as a woman or goddess. She is strong, capable and determined. 

I am a British-Indian woman from London with an absolute love for travel and in recent years, solo travel. When I’m not working during the week, I enjoy exploring new places (both at home and away), learning new languages, hiking and snapping away with my camera.

What is the Voyaging Virgo Blog?

I set up this page for a number of reasons:

  1. As a place to journal my travel experiences and photos;
  2. To share travel itineraries, inspiration & advice (for both local and foreign destinations) based on my own personal experiences for anyone looking to do something similar;
  3. To create a platform for people with a shared passion for travel & adventure, to meet like-minded individuals to exchange ideas and share stories;
  4. To encourage anyone who may have reservations about trying something new to just get out there and do it – whether it’s with friends or alone;
  5. To make travel and exploring more accessible – You don’t have to be a social media influencer or earning millions to travel and see new places. Travel isn’t all about perfectly curated photographs, flying to far flung exotic locations or staying at flashy resorts. It’s just about exploring somewhere new, whether that’s abroad or a few miles down the road. You don’t have to break the bank; you can have a full-time job and/or a family and still travel, explore and have adventures. Social media can really distort our view of things, and I hope with this blog I can share some tips and ideas which are budget friendly and accessible to everyone;
  6. To inspire more women to travel solo and break down cultural taboos, especially in South Asian communities, that women shouldn’t travel or explore alone – This is something I was brought up to believe and it took me a long time to have the courage and confidence to finally set out and start travelling alone.

A Little About Me…

Since childhood, I have been fascinated by different cultures and languages. Combine that with a love of wildlife and nature (thanks to years of watching David Attenborough documentaries with my dad!), a natural curiosity for what the world had to offer beyond my doorstep blossomed within me at a pretty young age and I was eager to get out and experience it for myself.  

There was just one hitch in my plan to throw on a backpack and start exploring; two pretty traditional Indian parents who insisted that the big wide world was no place for a young girl to be exploring alone. Determined to prove them wrong, I moved out to university aged 19 and headed off to Berlin for my study abroad year aged 21. This was my first taste of independence and exploring alone and I haven’t looked back since. 

I’ve always been an introvert but living abroad and travelling, particularly by myself, really helped boost my confidence and gave me a greater appreciation for other cultures. 

For me, travel isn’t all-inclusive resorts and beach holidays; it is an opportunity to escape the comfort of my daily routine and instead place myself in unfamiliar surroundings where I can learn something new. It’s about challenging cultural taboos and the scaremongering that often surrounds travel to far flung countries, especially by women.

When I travel, I like to return having learned or tried something new or having met interesting people – If I don’t come back from a trip exhausted and exhilarated, I haven’t done it right!

With this blog, I hope I can encourage more people, particularly women, of all ages and backgrounds to get out of their comfort zones and explore solo. Whether you just can’t find the right people to go with you or there are other reasons holding you back, I hope I’m able to offer the little nudge of encouragement you may need to take the leap. 

It’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever done and I think it’s important not to let fear or worrying about what others might say hold you back. 

I hope you enjoy my blog. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. 

Peace & Happy Travels!

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“I travel not to cross countries off a list, but to ignite passionate affairs with destinations”

– Nyassa P Chopra –